Hello Ross,

Kelley and I have been working together for quite some time. 

Kelley has sold 3 properties for me personally. On the first one, I didn’t listen to a word of her advice–namely on the correct pricing to attract buyers. That first property sat for about 30 days before we got an offer. On the next 2 I stepped aside and let her do what she does best, and the properties went into multiple offers in less than a week and we sailed through escrow without a hitch. 

Being in the vacation rental business, I have worked with many other agents in the past here in the desert. Let me just say that most do not have the skills that Kelley so easily possesses.

I have clients that want second homes, as well as investors that are looking for rental property. When I am called in to look at a property as a short term rental and it doesn’t meet the vacation rental market criteria, I call Kelley in to discuss the possibility of a long term rental or the sale of the property with the owner. I know that by having her get involved with my clients and homeowners, she will be truthful, and use her years of experience to service them well. 

Our most recent venture together went smoothly as usual with Kelley at the helm. One of my property owners had decided that he wanted to sell his short term rental…managed by me…and leave the valley all together. Kelley hit the ground running and had his property in escrow within 48 hours of going on the market.

In addition to selling homes Kelley has quickly found quality long term tenants for my homeowners who would do better financially as long term rather than as a vacation rental.

My best recommendation is to stop looking…you have found your agent. Just do everything she recommends and all will be well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.   

Adi Gross, Owner
Palm Desert Vacation Rentals


“Kelley did an amazing job selling my home in Palm Desert. She had me do a home inspection prior to listing the property. This was a good move as we then disclosed all the issues with the property up-front. In doing so, all the potential buyers were well aware of everything right away and this made the whole process quicker and much easier down the road. She sold my home in a very short amount of time and at my asking price (which was higher per square foot than other comparable properties in the area). There was not much more that I could have asked for. Should you wish to sell your home, I would highly recommend her.”
Robert S.


Dear Kelley,

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did selling our home. From the very beginning you were hands on, attentive and most of all knew exactly what needed to be done in order to protect us from any future liability. All in all you were very professional and well versed in today’s market where a seller has to put up with quite a lot in order to sell.

It was a bit touch and go there as we neared the end of our deal. Knowing that, you were so confident and calm while we went up and down on this rollercoaster ride.

Thank you for making the deal happen and holding our hand along the way.

You are really the best!! There is no substitute. 🙂



“Thanks Kelley. Very good advocacy.”
~ Roger, Civil Rights Attorney


“You are an awesome agent and we are very lucky to have you.”
~ Vanessa


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Kelley helped us buy our home in Tiburon but she has stayed in contact after the sale. keeping us up to date on the local market, interest rates, etc. She is thoughtful and fun to work with.” August 27, 2007
~ Frank


Kelley, you’re a genius!
~ Lucinda


Dear Kelley,

Hello. This is Aaron. Haven’t spoken to you in a while. Hope all is well.
Nice web-site. Useful indeed. If I may add a friendly advice: Your web-site is very good. When one looks at it, it does give an impression that you know what you are doing. For a more experienced buyer / seller however, one likes to get a good service, not just a smart person. Why? Because frankly a lot of real estate agents look for their own end and not always that of the client’s and an experienced buyer or seller learns that (regardless of what is signed). From what I have experienced I see the value of an agent who really spends some time with you and makes sure you get the best deal whether you are buying or selling. That Kelley is what is special about you and not all agents have it (in fact most do not and let’s not even talk about the dishonest ones that I have dealt with). So my suggestion is advertise what you have a little more.

On the same note, when you came and saw me the first time, you did mention this attribute which you had, and at the time I either did not know you well enough or did not value it as much (I thought sure they all pay attention to you – not really true. But I went along with you because your background checked out plus I felt you were sincere – trust really matters)… The point is that a more inexperienced person doesn’t quite get it. He or she thinks that why you make 3% or 6% of say a house for 500,000, then the agent better be spending all of her effort on me. A fair expectation maybe, but not true in reality.

Your advantage is that you take on fewer clients which allows you to provide a better service. That makes you a bit of specialist in this field.

Anyhow, I should not give you too much advice, you may become so popular, there won’t be any time for me !!!

Best Regards,
Aaron L


“(gasp!)…Oh, my God!… Who wants to pay that much for my house?!… (giggle)
~ Izabela


“Kelley, I am so excited! I cannot believe you worked this magic for us! You are really amazing! We are really grateful. Joe and I are racking our brains to think of a way to thank you. We want to do something special for you. We love you even though we hardly know you. We are so appreciative.”
~ Jilan


“Kelley, Thank you so much for helping us buy our first home in Marin County. You were so patient, persistent and accommodating. You helped us so much by driving us around and showing us such a wide variety of homes and locations. We also appreciate the amount of hard work and research you put into helping us understand the Market so we could make a good decision. Outside of your outstanding professionalism, you were just plain fabulous to be around! We really had a great time together. We wish you all the success in the world. A thousand thank yous!”
~ The Trinhs


“Hey Kelley!! Hope you’re doing well!! Our place is freaking great. We totally love it here. Thanks for all your help!!! Ill never forget how you pushed us to keep going when we didn’t think we could get our own place. You’re welcome here anytime!!”
~ Gabe


“Kelley, you are my favorite Realtor. I have worked with three and you are definitely my favorite.”
~ Brettt


“Kelley, We had a great time with you! Given our past associations with realtors, it’s hard to imagine having a great time… Thank you so much for all your heartfelt hard work. You’ve made this process tolerable.”
~ Julie and Noah


“Kelley, thanks for the great questions. We really appreciate your proactive approach.”
~ Gina

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