Palm Desert Country Club Home Sales for September 2020

The chart below shows the home sales activity in the neighborhood for the month of September 2020 (and the preceding 12 months for comparison).The final selling prices for the month of August ranged from a low of $275,000 for a fixer at 43000 Texas Avenue to a high of $417,500 at 43380 Illinois Avenue.

(My listing at 42985 Texas Avenue was the only 2 bedroom home to sell last month.)

Note that most of the homes are selling at or over their asking prices. Yes, we are seeing multiple offers in the desert! It also becoming common in this market to sell for more than the asking price and then the seller credits the (often first time) buyer for closing costs, netting the asking price for the seller.

If you have any questions, or if you or someone you know is considering buying or a selling a home, do not hesitate to contact me.

To see everything that’s currently for sale in the neighborhood, click here.

Month# of homes soldAverage Days on MarketAverage ORIGINAL Asking PriceAverage FINAL Selling Price# Sold AT Original Asking Price# Sold OVER Asking
September 2020953$353,544$354,50016
August 20201053$394,870$393,39042
July 2020743$297,628$287,57131
June 2020544$340,360$329,9001
May 2020647$327,475$307,7501
April 2020469$359,725$359,1703
March 2020471$298,225$281,5001
February 2020665$336,971$325,429
January 2020424$392,125$383,500
December 2019740$324,271$312,71411
November 20191082$334,415$313,909
October 2019578$323,216$307,2501
September 2019754$342,332$339,3422

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