Palm Desert Country Club Home Sales for May 2020

Palm Desert Country Club continues to be a desirable place to live even during a pandemic. Volume is down slightly, but that is due to inventory being down.

We are still not holding broker tours or public open houses. Rather selling through photography, video, written descriptions and private tours of no more than two. All parties sign off saying that they have no known symptoms and that they may be entering a home of an occupant who may or may not have the virus or symptoms. (It’s best to put your property on the market when vacant.) I also ask that potential buyers provide proof of funds or financing, as there is no point in showing the home—especially under these circumstances—to someone who is not able to buy it.

The chart below shows the home sales activity in the neighborhood for the month of May 2020 (and the preceding 12 months for comparison).

The final selling prices for the month of May ranged from a low of $195,000 at 77031 Indiana Avenue to a high of $440,000 for my listing at 42945 Texas Avenue.

To see everything that’s currently for sale in the neighborhood, click here.

If you have any questions, or if you or someone you know is considering buying or a selling a home, do not hesitate to contact me.


# of homes sold Average Days on Market Average ORIGINAL Asking Price Average FINAL Selling Price # Sold AT Original Asking Price

# Sold OVER Asking

May 2020


47 $327,475 $307,750


April 2020


69 $359,725 $359,170.26 3

March 2020


71 $298,225 $281,500 1

February 2020


65 $336,971 $325,429

January 2020


24 $392,125 $383,500

December 2019


40 $324,271 $312,714 1


November 2019


82 $334,415 $313,909

October 2019


78 $323,216 $307,250


September 2019


54 $342,332 $339,342 2

August 2019


112 $376,300 $366,700 1

July 2019


39 $311,710 $309,550 1


June 2019


68 $312,853 $294,847 2


May 2019


79 $320,181 $308,739 1


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  1. byhomeia

    The fast-spreading Covid-19 has created an enormous impact on real estate market. The sellers want to sell house quickly, but feel scare to let someone into their homes. The buyers are also in the same situation. In another view, stocks have fallen; entire industries are putting themselves on pause. All that may make it seem like an odd moment to consider buying a house. Besides, with rates low and sellers anxious, home buyers could find good chance to own a good house in Palm Desert Country Club.


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