Changes Are Coming To Palm Desert Country Club

There are a few major changes coming to Palm Desert Country Club in the next few months:

First, effective January 1, 2020 the City of Palm Desert is banning short term rentals (STRs) for properties with R1 and R2 zoning, which includes Palm Desert Country Club.

Second, according to the City of Palm Desert, they are expecting the development of the Executive Course (not the Championship Course) to break ground in March of 2020. (when you click on the link in the previous sentence, collapse the side panel to see the entire area that will be developed as pictured above.)



Let’s explore what the banning of STRs will mean for you if you choose to continue to offer your home to short term renters: HEFTY fines. If the City finds that you are operating STRs the fines are $5,000–per property per day. (NOTE: You can still rent your property at intervals of 28 days or more. This only applies to STRs.)

In addition to the fines for operating an STR without a permit, if there is noise or parking issues, etc. at your property the first offense is fined at $1,000, the second offense at $3,000 and the third at $5,000. The fines apply to homeowners, property managers and renters. If the fines are not paid then the City puts a lien on the property in the amount of the fines.

They have compliance staff that monitors online rental activity as well as responding to calls from residents that complain of what they believe to be unpermitted activity, noise, parking, etc. While they appear to be very serious about this, they don’t seem to be distributing this information to homeowners outside of posting it on their website. The City is allowing people to apply for a “hardship extension.”

(I don’t know how to attach .pdf files to my post, so if anyone is interested, email me and I can forward the documents that the City emailed to me regarding the rules and fines.)



The development of the now defunct Executive Course will mean different things to different people. The most recent drawings show that the highest point on the roofs of the structures will be 17 feet 10 inches. So some people will lose their view. Some people will be affected by the grading, where in some areas the sloping sands outside their homes will be a 6 foot drop with a new retaining wall and a new street. Some will see the elevation outside their homes rise, again with retaining walls and streets. Some people will be affected by having a road to enter and exit the new subdivisions outside their home, where golfers used to enter and exit the course.

The parcel that abuts Oklahoma and Kentucky Avenues has two points of entry and exit. The other two parcels only have one entrance and exit. For vehicles anyway.

The parcel that abuts Kentucky Avenue and California Drive has an existing pedestrian path which they are keeping, and is accessed between two homes on Tennessee Avenue. The parcel that abuts Tennessee, Utah, New Mexico and California has pedestrian access via New Mexico Drive and the “open play” area. The third parcel doesn’t have any specific pedestrian access.

There will be 69 new units, community pools and spas, exercise stations, playgrounds, pickleball courts, and an “open play area” on 30 acres when completed. They estimate the process will take about two years to complete.


I have been following both of these situations in detail. Please contact me if you decide that you would like to sell your home or find long term tenants.


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