Need creative financing? Steve Oliphant’s got it!



Need stated income? Got it!

High debt ratio? I can do up to 55%.

15% down on $2 million price? Got it!

Need to buy before they sell? Can do!

Cross collateral needed? No problem!

Non-permanent resident alien? Why not?

Can’t qualify now but will be able to later (bankruptcy, short sale, foreclosure)?  How about up to a sales price of $2,000,000?

Gift as down? Non-occupant co-borrower? Loan to an entity? I think you already know the answer!

Got a situation? Call the Loan Doctor!

steven oliphant, PhD

professional mortgage consultant


ProMortgage Real Estate Lending (NMLS #238187)

700 irwin st.- suite 202

san rafael, ca 94901

p: 415-945-4850

f:  415-460-1833


BRE license # 947510                NMLS # 234756

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