Kelley’s Series Opener Beef Stew


Ingredients:  (serves 8-ish)

–         3 Tablespoons Olive Oil

–         1 Large Yellow Onion

–         8 Medium Red Potatoes

–         3 Large Carrots

–         1 lb. Fresh Green Beans (not frozen or canned, 1 lb. before being cleaned and trimmed)

–         64 oz. Beef Broth

–         3 heaping Tablespoons pureed garlic

–         16 – 20 Large Fresh Basil Leaves

–         6 – 8 6” springs of Fresh Rosemary

–         1 Tablespoon of dried Thyme

–         2 lbs. Hanger Steak

Cooking Instructions:

Chop Onion into bits.  Sauté with 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil in large skillet until translucent.  Put sautéed onions in stew pot.  Reserve skillet for the meat.

Chop Potatoes into cubes and add to stew pot.

Slice Carrots and add to stew pot.

Clean Beans and cut end off, then cut into bite size pieces and add to stew pot.

Add Beef Broth, pureed Garlic, Basil (torn into small bits), Rosemary (removed from stems and coarsely chopped) and Thyme to stew pot.

Stir and Simmer all contents of stew pot for about an hour or until vegetables are just tender, but still crunchy and sweet (except the potatoes which should be a little soft).

Take skillet that was used to sauté the onions and add 1 Tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat.  Sprinkle whole steaks with salt and pepper.  Once oil is hot enough, add steaks and cook on each side until just browned.  Let steaks cool slightly, and then cut into bite size pieces before adding them to the stew pot and stir.  Reserve juices from the meat.

Take meat juices and heat with 1 Tablespoon flour, whisking often.  When thick, add to stew pot and stir.

Simmer everything for about 15 minutes, stirring occiasionally and voila!  Delicious Series Opener Beef Stew!

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