Marin County, CA Home Sales Charts from 2001 – Present

For the past three consecutive months the number homes selling in Marin County has exceeded those very same months in both 2009 and 2008 — which I think is even more important than the average sales price.  Homes are selling.  The average sales price can fluctuate widely from month to month depending on what particular homes sold in that given month, so to me volume is more important.

That said, the average sales price for the past three months has been pretty steady, ticking up ever so slightly each month, and hovering right around where it was last year — and in 2001- 2004.

If you would like to see more detailed city-by-city information, click here.

Check back each month for further updates.

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  1. grigoryrasputin

    I stumbled across your post about the Pendragon plot tonight. I had lunch with Mark Richards a few weeks before he was arrested and the plot was exposed. He seemed a normal enough guy, I guess just as Jim Jones seemed normal to the many people who crossed paths with him before Guyana. You never know, I guess, about some people.

    Thanks for the views of Marin. I miss it.

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