Beware! Property Tax Reassessment Scam!

Today I got an envelope in the mail with a return address of:


Property Tax Reassessment

P O Box 25519

Los Angeles, CA  90025-0519


I want my property taxes to be lower, but I’m smart enough to know that whoever is going to do that is NOT going to be in Los Angeles.


Sure enough, when I opened the envelope there was an “invoice” complete with amounts, due dates and even late fees.  They do state that they are not a governmental agency and that the service that they provide is to hopefully help you get your property taxes reduced, but that’s in the small print and the way it is presented is misleading.  Besides, you can contact the County Assessor’s office yourself and that won’t cost you a penny.


See the images below.






It’s unbelievable how these predators work!

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  1. Thanks for the comment on mine, as well, Kelley. Yes, after also sending an email to my client base, I was amazed at how many people thought it might have been something official, but then figured out that it was a total scam. The gall on these predators is amazing….Ed

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