Stranger Danger Alert: Creepy Looking Adult White Male Stalking Children At Marin Schools

Message sent – 1/30/2009
Stranger Danger Alerts

In keeping with our policy to inform parents of incidents potentially affecting the safety of our children, I am forwarding this information provided by the Ross Valley School District, on incidents that occurred in San Anselmo (on the Fairfax border) and in the Hamilton area of Novato, both of them yesterday.

Please remind your children to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Walking with a friend is also recommended. We commit to working with the entire community in ensuring the well-being of our children.

Thank you.



San Anselmo

“Occurred between 1720-1730 hours in the 1500 block Sir Francis Drake Bl. Victim juvenile was walking on the sidewalk when a light blue van drove on the wrong side of the road and pulled up next to her. Suspect exited the van and said “hi.” Victim continued walking and the suspect yelled “don’t walk away from me.” As the victim continued walking the suspect yelled “do you want a ride little girl.”

Suspect was described as a WMA, 40-50 yrs, clean shaven, “chubby face”, “tanned skin”, “stout with a crooked smile” unk hair / eye color, 5-08, 150 lbs. Suspect had a scratchy sounding voice. LSW/ Blu construction hard hat worn w/scratches, whi t-shirt and light blue jean overalls.

Vehicle was described as a light blue possibly 80-90’s Dodge Ram van, unk license plate, paint coming off front driver door, black roof rack, two rear double doors with crème color curtains in the windows, a red flamed face “Spitfire” sticker on the left rear window and other unknown type stickers on the right rear door.”

(As reported on, she is 15-years old)


“Several people (adults) saw a man with the same description at the USCG Mini Mart parking lot. Both of the adults said the man gave them a very creepy feeling. Both of the adults said they think the car was an older black car, but do not think it’s a Camaro. The description of the man was very accurate to what the children described. He was in his 40’s-50’s and very weathered looking. Has approx. shoulder length, dark stringy hair and a large dark mustache.

At approximately 4 this afternoon an old, dirty, rusty Camaro (1970’s) pulled up to some fourth grade boys and the man told them to get in the car. They did not get in the car and immediately called the police. This took place in the Coast Guard neighborhood of Hamilton.

A police report was filed and the Police have been on the look out. The man has a black mustache and possibly longer hair (shoulders), and is older; which to a fourth grader might mean anything.”

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