Marin County, CA Month-by-Month Home Sales Charts from 2001 – August 2008

The charts below tell the story…  Average sales price:  Down.  Number of homes being sold:  Down.

Of course, the REOs are driving down the average sales price, with most of those being in Novato followed by, San Rafael–with most of those being the Canal area and Northern San Rafael.  Not only are these the two largest cities in the County (which would account for higher numbers), they also are further from San Francisco and its high-paying jobs than the rest of the County, and are usually lower in price than the rest of the County.  To see everything that is available for sale search our MLS.  If you have questions, just ask.

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  1. drthyr

    i am addicted. i don’t know how to check the google stats yet. but i check my blog several times a day. it is great. thanks for getting me started. i will keep you posted as to the phone rings. none yet. but that will come. i think i need to make more links. you blog is really nice. beautiful. like you (and your nice hair-do!)

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