Novato, CA Real Estate Market Conditions Update for April 2008

As of May 10, 2008 20% of available listings in Novato are in escrow.

For the month of April 2008 an encouraging 46 homes sold in Novato, for an average final selling price of $594,460.

The average original asking price of these homes was $636,218.

It took these homes an average of 96 days to sell.

Now here is where it gets interesting:  Of the 46 homes that sold, 5 sold at their original asking price and a very encouraging 9 sold for more than their original asking price.  Looks like people have been reading  🙂

For more information about this area visit my website, or feel free to contact me directly.

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  1. moscowrealestate

    Great post !
    Generally it is very interesting kind of investment, but I think that real estate is losing it’s price too much.
    I own a site with prices for Moscow real estate listings and from the begining of this year it wasn’t growing….
    Anyway American real estate is more stabile in this case.

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