Who’s That Girl?

Remember “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies?  I never actually saw human beings perform it until I saw You Tube videos today (which I haven’t figured out how to embed).  When it was popular, I was a kid and I watched the cartoon.  According to what I’ve read, The Archies are the only “cartoon band” to ever have a #1 hit…

The burning question really is:  who is the female background singer??  and why isn’t she getting any credit?  She is a valuable contributor to this song.  (Another good question is, how do you embed the video in the post?)

Is it Ronnie Spector, the most underrated female singer of our time?

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  1. I may only be 24, but I love this song; and appreciate it just as much as anybody who grew up with the show back in the 60’s & 70’s.

    Any info I’ve been able to gather on this, I’ve found at sites like Wikipedia (and we all know how reliable that site can be!)… anyhow, the woman singing along with Ron Dante is Toni Wine. She’s worked with the likes of Elvis, Phil Collins and also does the “Meow Mix” song.

    As for embedding video into your posts… I whipped up a quick tutorial: http://www.vanilla-chai.nu/files/embed.html

    Now, I know this entry is a bit… old, but hopefully you were able to find the info useful 🙂

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