Absentee Owner Services

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a second home in the California Desert’s Coachella Valley, or already have one, we are available to assist you when you are out of town and when you come to stay.

There are three simple monthly plans to choose from:

  • Once per month at $25
  • Bi-Weekly at $50
  • Weekly at $100

Basic home tending services include:

  • Inspect the exterior and interior of your home, ensure gates, doors and windows are locked, retrieve mail, ensure irrigation and pool equipment are functioning properly, flush toilets, run faucets, check and record interior temperature, etc.
  • Arrange for, and oversee, maintenance of your property such as house, pool and window cleaning, landscaping, remedy pest or rodent infestation, repairs and remodeling.
  • If your home has an alarm system we can be the primary contact in your absence.

Prices are based on homes that are 2000 square feet or less.

We are centrally located in Palm Desert and are experienced and trustworthy with a high level of customer service, including a reliable network of service providers to trouble shoot any issues that may arise… from appliance repair to plumbing and electrical, all at prenegotiated reasonable rates.

NO ADDITIONAL FEES for arranging or supervising networked services for the property.


Kelley Eling

Mobile: 415.308.1182
Email: Kelley@KelleyEling.com


NOTE: If you would like to convert your home to a vacation rental, Palm Desert Vacation Rentals can make the transition seamless and profitable for you.