About The Area

Coachella Valley does indeed have hot summers–the hottest day I have experienced is 126º. That said, out of the 365 days each year about 273 of them are perfect here.

The people are very friendly and the communities are well-planned making it pleasant to get around. Traffic is almost non-existent, especially when compared to places like Los Angeles or the San Francisco Bay Area.

And speaking of comparing… you likely wouldn’t be able to get a mobile home in those places for the same price you can have a beautiful home with a pool right on the golf course, with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Dining? World class. Shopping? Yeah, we got that too. Outdoor activities? Golf, Tennis, Hiking, Water Parks, Concerts, Street Fairs, Nature and Wildlife Tours, the Tram… you name it.

If you want to take Coachella Valley for a “test drive” before you decide whether or not you want to make it your permanent home, consider a vacation rental.

Here are some fun things to do through out the year, which I will endeavor to update regularly:













4 responses to About The Area

  1. realestatejoe says:

    I appreciate your market stats and assessment. My take on the data is that it is driven by first time buyers OR possibly some down-sizers thrown into the mix. The volume being 1/2 of what it was and the average same price dropping to the $800K range (which used to be the range for the median in Mill Valley)

    It would be interesting to see comparison breakdowns by town, as my observation is that the stats as of late are grossly inaccurate when trying to compare between communities. Obviously Fairfax brings down the Marin curve. I’m wondering which micro-markets are on the higher end.

    • Kelley Eling says:

      Hi Joe,
      I do have it broken down by town. Every month I have it by each individual town and then as a group on the area overview. Keep checking back.

  2. HalfGay says:

    Where is your photo from? I don’t know of any water front homes off of Mt. Tam except on the Bay.

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