Ross, CA Real Estate Market Conditions Update for October 2011

As of November 8, 2011 21% of available listings in Ross are in escrow.

For the month of October 2011 2 homes sold in Ross for an average final selling price of $8,325,000.

The average original asking price of these homes was $9,925,000.

The range of final selling prices was from a low of $3,150,000 to a high of $13,500,000.

Both homes sold for less than their original asking prices.

It took these two homes an average of 121 days to sell.

To see everything that is currently for sale in our neck of the woods click here.

To learn more about this area in general, search more around this blog, visit my website or feel free to contact me directly.

Phoenix Lake in Ross by Kelley Eling, Marin County Realtor
Phoenix Lake in Ross by Kelley Eling, Marin County Realtor

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