Larkspur, CA Real Estate Market Conditions Update for August 2009

As of September 11, 2009 only 18% of available listings in Larkspur are in escrow.

For the month of August 2009 only 6 homes sold in Larkspur, for an average final selling price of $1,256,317.

The average original asking price of these homes was $1,514,650.

The range of final selling prices was from a low of $510,000 to a high of $2,225,000.

Of the 6 homes that, 1 of which was a distress sale, only 1 sold for the original asking price and all others sold for less. 

In fact, the listing that sold for $510, was originally listed for a ridiculously high price of $1,100,000.  I say this is ridiculous because it was a tiny dump — a tear down, really — on a 6300 square foot lot.  It took this property an excruciating 734 days to sell.  Had it been priced right from the start (June 1, 2007) they probably could have gotten a lot more than they did.  I guess that is also due in part to an out of area agent listing the property and not knowing the values here.  Anyway, I digress…

It took these homes an average of 235 days to sell.  This was skewed by the 734 days from the listing I mentioned above.

To see everything that is currently available on our MLS click here.

To learn more about this area visit my website or contact me directly.

downtown larkspur

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